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Links for Understanding these widely-seen maps of Barrow Plantation, Oglethorpe County, GA

High-quality .jpg image of the map (copyright Norton, 2005)
Digital Library of Georgia (search term: "pope barrow")
The 1881 map & link to Scribner's article (Visualizing History: The Emancipation Project)
Google Map (current - the area is about 1/2 mile south of the marker for the town of Philomath GA)
typical example of what we're "supposed" to think when we see these images --> Ansley Brown, Slideshare Powerpoint presentation, "Slavery to Sharecropping: The Barrow Plantation Example" 7/4/10
What's a "Gin House"? Think cotton, not liquor. Info/examples at Texas State Historical Association, and here's a North Carolina example

"Post #5: Barrow's Plantation," History 120, 10/18/06
"#5: Barrow's Plantation," MINE, 10/19/06
Both of these are obviously student blog posts from a Fall 2006 college course somewhere - I'd love to know who taught it & where, any info?
"#3: Barrow's Plantation, Where Is It?" Histories Mysteries, 10/12/07
"Finding Barrow's Plantation," James Esson's Historical Ramblings, 10/28/11

Oglethorpe County today - a Flickr photo set by Milkaway