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Visuals and Songs from the World War I Era

Source: Library of Congress

Wartime Propaganda Posters

World War I Posters - Library of Congress American Memory
USA Posters - 400 posters at FirstWorldWar.com
"Sowing the Seeds of Victory" - 200 posters in the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library
World War I Poster Collection - Tutt Library/Colorado College

Women's Suffrage Flyers

NAWSA Flyers - Iowa Digital Library (this is the source for the flyers in our flash files)
Votes for Women - Library of Congress American Memory

Posters for Discussion

"Come On Boys!" (LOC)
"Your Money or His Life" (LOC)
Liberty Claims Her Own (LOC)
US Army Develops a Man's Courage (LOC)
Women Awake! Navy League poster (LOC)
Adventure and Action enlistment poster (LOC)
Honor Roll of Women (LOC)
Joan of Arc Saved France (LOC)
Knit Your Bit (LOC)
Join the Navy, the Service for Fighting Men (LOC)
Get Behind the Girl He Left Behind Him (LOC)
Gee, I Wish I Were a Man! (LOC)
For the Safety of Womanhood... (LOC)

Songs of World War I

external image n0967-1-72dpi.jpeg

"Over There" (George M. Cohan, BIlly Murray singing, 1917) on LOC "Songs For Our Times"
Popular Songs of World War I - Cylinder Preservation Project UCSB
Songs Popular During World War I in Canada