(standard disclaimer: these links were live in July 2012; apologies in advance if they're no longer active)

Primary Sources

America in the 1930s (UVA American Xroads)
FSA-OWI Black and White photographs - Library of Congress
"Voices from the Thirties" - interviews from the Federal Writers' Project, Library of Congress
WPA Posters "Colorful Messages in Dark Economic Times" - Library of Congress
"Songs of the Great Depression" lyrics only - CUNY Library
Recordings of "Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" - NPR Weekend Edition 2008
Between the Wars, The Swing Era - Center for History and New Media/ HI 409 Michael O'Malley US History 1919-1941 Fall 1997

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Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

New Deal Network - this HUGE site is a gold mine, and many of its collections are just the right size for history assignment
The Great Depression and the Arts (Lesson Unit, grades 8-12)
Library of Congress, Art and Entertainment in the 1930s and 1940s
Smithsonian American Art Museum, "Picturing the 1930s" (has a Guide for Educators)
"The Great Depression" (besthistorysites.net)
Special Issue of the Gilda Lehrman Institute magazine Spring 2009, History Now, on teaching the Great Depression
PBS American Experience Series on The 1930s - includes Riding the Rails, The Crash of 1929, The Hurricane of '38, Seabiscuit, Surviving the Dust Bowl, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and Hoover Dam (as of July 2012 all the films in the series can be watched online)
Wage & Price Comparison from the Depression to Today (2010) - Michigan Department of Natural Resources
"The Dust Bowl: An Iconic Catastrophe" - Teaching with the Library of Congress

Radio in the 1930s

Radio in the '30s - tribute website to the Zenith Stratosphere radio and its cultural context
A Day on Radio (9/21/1939) - UVA Xroads America in the 1930s
Elizabeth McLeod, "Radio's Forgotten Years: Tuning in in Thru the Great Depression" - McLeod's Broadcasting History Resources
Mercury Theater of the Air - contains recordings of the show's entire run, including the 10/30/1938 "War of the Worlds" broadcast - which is still pretty darn compelling radio, after all these years
Text transcripts of all FDR's Fireside chats - Mid Hudson Regional School District
Recordings of 31 Fireside Chats are also available online from the Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications - free registration required, and clunky search engine (no browsing capability) so they're a little hard to locate

Films of the 1930s

"Hollywood and the Great Depression" - Digital History (online textbook)
The 1930s on Film: 25 Educational Movies About the '30s (onlygoodmovies.com)

Clips & Links for Discussion - Wed July 11th

"Brother Can You Spare a Dime?" - Rudy Vallee version (1931 or 1932)
"I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams" - Bing Crosby - here's the Louis Armstrong version
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - Judy Garland (1939) - in HD, but has ads :(
"We're in the Money" (Gold Diggers of 1933 - not great visual quality though)
"Remember My Forgotten Man" (Gold Diggers of 1933)
Hindenburg Crash (May 6, 1937, Lakehurst NJ) - Herb Morrison reporting for CBS News
"War of the Worlds" - Orson Welles & Mercury Theater of the Air - airdate October 30, 1938 (Minutes 10-20, attack of the creature)
Link to the first FDR Fireside Chat (RealPlayer needed)
"Li'l Orphan Annie" radio serial (start of a 1936 broadcast)