Resources for exploring America since the 1960s - which was a decade with a particularly well-defined historical narrative. Things get a little more complicated and perhaps less narratively coherent (and yet more rich, both in terms of culture and sources available) in the decades since that time, and here are some places to get primary sources, online exhibits, lesson plans, and other historical content.

General Good Stuff

National Archives DocsTeach (since 1968)
Digital Public Library of America (DPLA)
Our Documents (100 Milestone documents / National Archives) (Supreme Court archive, project of Chicago-Kent College of Law)
Presidential Libraries are an online goldmine: Nixon | Ford | Carter | Reagan | George H. W. Bush | Clinton | George W. Bush |
The American Presidency Project
National Security Archive (George Washington University)
Vanderbilt TV News Archive
Teaching and Learning with the New York Times (fantastic blog, highly recommended)
Billboard Magazine Archive

the 1970s

National Archives Exhibit 2013 - "Searching for the Seventies"
DocsTeach the 1970s
Three Mile Island (Dickinson College)
The Vietnam Archive

Media Links from Tuesday's Discussion ("What Happened in the 1970s?")

Opening Sequence of Saturday Night Fever
1970s Enjoli perfume ad (Note how less glamorous it is than even the more familiar 1982 version)
Gotta Dance? Soul Train, Jackson Five (on the Carol Burnett Show)
Excerpt of Carter's "Crisis of Confidence" televised address

Immigration, Demographics and the Changing Face of America

Before the 1965 Law: Immigration (1946 - Britannica Film)
Anita Hamilton, "A Day Without Immigrants," TIME 1 May 2006
NPR, "A Reagan Legacy: Amnesty for Immigrants," 4 July 2010
"It's a Beautiful Thing" (Biracial couples now make up 15% of marriages according to a Pew Research study; responding to this 2013 Cheerios ad)
American Fact Finder (
The Migrating Family Road Sign (CHNM's Children and Youth in History)
Resources - PBS Beyond the Border
New York Times - Archived articles on Immigration

End of the Cold War

Making the History of 1989 (Center for History and New Media)
Issue on the Cold War from Gilder Lehrman Institute, including essay by Michael Cox on Reagan's role (Spring 2011)
Primary Resources on the Cold War (Miller Center)

War, Terrorism, and National Security At Home

9/11 Digital Archive
Library of Congress 9/11 Documentary Project
PBS Frontline: Roots of Terror - Teacher's Guide
(Yale) Avalon Project - Documents on the 9/11 Attack on America
EduSITEment On the Home Front (lessons connecting WWII and the War on Terror)'s pages on War on Terror, including the Primary Sources page, is actually pretty decent


Religious Diversity - page of links I made for my Fall 2012 religious pluralism history course (includes Hindu, Muslim, Buddhism, Soka-Gokkai, Jain, Sikh, Voodoo, Atheism)
Pew US Religious Landscape Survey
The American Religion Data Archive (ARDA)
The Pluralism Project (Harvard University)
NBC News Clip on the Waco Siege at the Branch Davidian compound, April 19, 1993