Case Study in "Not So Long Ago" History: Busing in Massachusetts

One of Boston's recent episodes casts the city in an opposite role from its preferred "cradle of liberty," and that is the spirited conflict over race-based school busing in the 1970s. There was a similar story in Springfield that played out differently, but is in many ways related to the themes we have considered this week: concerns over social instability, the meaning and legacy of civil rights movements, the rise of conservatism, and the end of social and political consensus.

This page collects some of the resources you can use to take on this history in your own classrooms.
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"Soiling of Old Glory" (taken by Stanley Forman for the Boston Herald) won the Pulitzer Prize for news photography in 1976. Learn more about it and the circumstances of how it was captured and why it works so well as an iconic image; some of the the details (such as the age of the flag-holder) might surprise you.

The Civil Rights Movement in Springfield (Springfield Technical Community College), see also the actual Six District Plan Report (U of Maryland Law School)
PBS "Eyes on the Prize" Chapter 21 - contains links to primary sources, including documents, photo, and video
"Making History" Module on Boston Busing Crisis (Northeastern/ BU Digication)
Boston's Busing Crisis Study Guide (PDF - Suffolk University)
"Contextualizing An Historical Photograph" (PDF) - lesson plan on "Soiling of Old Glory" written for secondary students in Baltimore Public Schools