Another case study in "Not So Long Ago" history: the fall of Saigon, the end of the Vietnam Conflict (and what happened after)

On Monday, we explore this iconic photograph, taken by Hubert Van Es, a Dutch photojournalist working in Saigon, on April 29, 1975.
Large-format jpg from (right-click to view larger)
Large-format jpg from (right-click to view larger)

For details on the circumstances, impact, importance of this image and this day in history, see:
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For what was happening at the U.S. embassy (which is NOT the building in this image but which WAS also being evacuated by helicopter), see:
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Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos after April 1975:
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compare with
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Some Information Literacy/ Critical Thinking Exercises:

Students can compare several accounts, interpretations or arguments about the war - it doesn't take much digging to find several that do not agree and even in short excerpts these can powerfully reinforce the idea that history is dynamic and contentious, and that interpretation on this (and many other) recent events in history is far from settled. A couple of examples: