This wiki was created as a resource for a TAH institute sponsored by the Five Colleges Consortium for K-12 teachers in the Springfield MA Public Schools in Summer 2012, and updated for subsequent sessions in December 2012 and Summer 2013.

Facilitator: Tona Hangen, Ph.D., Worcester State University

July 2012 Institute Title: "Primary Sources for Historical Learning: Uncovering the Early 20th Century"
Dates: July 9-13, 2012
Location: Smith College, Northampton MA

December 2012 Institute Title: "Deconstructing Reconstruction: Strategies for Deep Learning and Authentic Assessment"
Date: 8 December 2012
Location: Smith College, Northampton MA

June 2013 Institute Title: "Many New Americas: Remembering and Writing the Recent Past"
Dates: 24-28 June, 2013
Location: Smith College, Northampton MA

August 2013 Professional Development Workshop: "History Pedagogy as Critical Literacy"
Dates: 19-20 August, 2013
Location: Duggan Middle School, Springfield MA

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