August 19-20, 2013 at John J. Duggan Middle School, Springfield MA

Workshop PowerPoint Presentation

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Links and Resources (in roughly the order we used them)

Opener: Applying Historical Thinking to an Everyday Act (Pledge of Allegiance)

Historical Thinking: The Paradigm Shift

Historical Thinking: 3 Versions/ Definitions

Raising Unresolved Questions: Who Invented the Cotton Gin?

Primary Source Analysis - various different graphic organizers
(Springfield's Own - the one we used)
(Wisconsin Historical Society)
(Library of Congress)
Irvine (the 6 C's)

Modeling Think-Aloud

Primary Source Analysis: 3 examples

Opening Up the Textbook (OUT)

Resources - Some Favorites of Mine

Skills Wrap-Up

Some Custer/ Little Bighorn Materials

Harper's Weekly 5 Aug 1876 via Digital History
NYT Where Does History Stand article
My Library Scavenger Hunt blogpost from my Fall 2011 survey course
Bighorn workshop links I provided my students during that workshop Custer's Last Stand controversy
NYT Custer's Last Stand article
National Archives: Terry's First Report - great early primary source from the Army perspective