Recommendations & Useful Tools

Create a simple wiki or static webpage =
Turn any PDF into an online flipbook =
Create a slideshow from a Powerpoint presentation = Slideboom (first 100 are free)
Capture/ download & save a Youtube or other online video to a computer or to a flash drive =
Create a digital collage =
Simple, free photo editing software, also online album creation = Picasa (Google tool)
Annotate images with interactive commentary & feedback =
Get free sound clips and effects =
Install a new font = (lots of possibilities, but I like...) or Font Squirrel
Develop color schemes or find colors for any web design job = Color Scheme Designer 3
Publish images and content in an up-to-date public feed (i.e. start blogging without a lot of fuss) = Tumblr, Pinterest, or Edublogs
License something you've created so someone else can use it = Creative Commons

Want more, LOTS more?

Bamboo DIRT (Digital Research Tool Registry) - this incredibly helpful site will help you find the tool (often open-source) you need for a particular problem